Shipping and Delivery


Welcome to the Shipping and Delivery information page. We want to ensure that your shopping experience is not only convenient but also transparent. This page is dedicated to providing you with all the details you need regarding the delivery of your orders.

In addition to the possibility of personal collection, we also offer to deliver the order to your company location or to your home. Below, see the most frequently asked questions and answers about delivery services and details about the partners we work with. We only accept orders for addresses in the European Union as product delivery is limited to EU region.

All orders received by 13:00h on a working day (Monday through Friday) will be processed the same day. Orders scheduled after 13:00h will be processed next business day. If the order was placed on Saturday, it will be processed on next business day (Monday).

Shipping Options

We offer various shipping options to cater to your specific needs:

Standard Shipping: This is our default shipping option. Orders typically arrive within 5-7 working days. Shipping fees may apply, depending on your location and the size of your order.

Express Shipping: For those who need their orders in a hurry, we offer express shipping at an additional cost. Please contact our support team to check estimated delivery time for express shipping on

Free Shipping: Shipping is free for orders above 500€. Occasionally, we offer free shipping promotions on specific products or order amounts. Keep an eye out for these special deals.

Shipping Locations

We deliver to a wide range of locations, including whole EU. Please make sure to select the correct shipping address to ensure your order reaches you promptly. Shipping address can be added using account page.

Delivery Times

Delivery times vary depending on your location, the shipping option you select, and the availability of the product. Please note that unforeseen circumstances, such as extreme weather conditions or other factors beyond our control, may impact delivery times. We appreciate your understanding in such cases.

Delivery time can be found in table below.

Order Packaging

We take great care in packaging your order to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Fragile or sensitive items are specially packaged to prevent damage during transit.

Shipping Fees

Shipping fees, if applicable, are calculated based on your location, the selected shipping option, and the size and weight of your order. These fees are clearly displayed during the checkout process before you finalize your purchase.

All orders will be charged according to the delivery price list if order amount is under 1000€ (for Croatia 500€), which depends on the weight of the ordered goods and on delivery address. The shipping price list for the European Union can be found in the table below:

Country<2kg<5kg<10kg<15kg<20kg<25kg<30kgDelivery time
Austria11,60 €15,40 €16,30 €24,30 €25,70 €27,80 €29,40 €3-5 working days
Belgium15,30 €19,70 €28,30 €33,30 €34,90 €37,20 €38,90 €3-5 working days
Bulgaria15,90 €33,60 €35,40 €37,30 €39,00 €41,60 €42,00 €5-6 working days
Croatia3,32 €3,58 €3,98 €4,91 €5,97 €7,70 €7,70 €2-4 working days
Czech Republic13,20 €15,40 €18,30 €19,60 €20,80 €21,90 €23,20 €3-5 working days
Denmark15,60 €28,60 €30,10 €32,80 €34,60 €36,90 €38,80 €5-6 working days
Estonia20,30 €33,10 €34,90 €36,70 €38,50 €40,40 €42,20 €4-5 working days
Finland29,40 €54,50 €56,30 €58,10 €59,90 €61,70 €63,70 €6-7 working days
France17,50 €21,50 €28,30 €31,60 €32,40 €35,20 €36,70 €4-6 working days
Germany12,00 €13,50 €20,30 €28,40 €30,20 €31,10 €34,30 €3-4 working days
Greece21,10 €47,40 €60,90 €74,10 €86,80 €94,10 €105,70 €6-7 working days
Ireland36,40 €62,00 €63,10 €64,90 €66,20 €67,90 €69,30 €5-6 working days
Italy17,50 €21,50 €25,40 €42,50 €44,30 €46,30 €63,80 €3-4 working days
Latvia18,90 €30,80 €31,80 €32,80 €33,60 €35,20 €36,80 €4-5 working days
Lithuania17,90 €26,70 €28,30 €30,20 €31,60 €33,00 €34,40 €4-5 working days
Luxembourg16,90 €20,70 €30,30 €33,30 €35,20 €37,90 €40,00 €4-5 working days
Hungary10,40 €12,40 €12,90 €18,90 €21,10 €21,30 €22,50 €4-5 working days
Netherlands15,50 €19,70 €28,50 €31,60 €33,40 €35,80 €37,70 €4-5 working days
Poland13,00 €18,70 €19,40 €20,30 €21,00 €21,80 €22,60 €4-5 working days
Portugal17,70 €21,70 €45,10 €50,90 €200,00 €200,20 €201,10 €6-7 working days
Romania17,00 €23,70 €25,10 €26,60 €27,80 €29,70 €30,10 €3-4 working days
Slovakia13,10 €15,40 €18,50 €19,70 €21,40 €23,20 €25,50 €3-4 working days
Slovenia10,30 €12,40 €12,90 €16,30 €16,60 €17,10 €17,50 €3-4 working days
Spain17,70 €21,70 €30,00 €54,60 €54,70 €55,10 €56,80 €4-6 working days
Sweden24,00 €42,50 €43,90 €43,70 €48,40 €50,80 €52,70 €4-6 working days

*VAT is not included in delivery price

The price of the product on the page is shown without the delivery fee. During the checkout, you will be shown the total shipping price for your location.

Obligations of the buyer

The buyer must inspect the item upon receipt, and in case of any damage notify the delivery person who made the delivery. Customer can refuse to accept a shipment that has apparent external damage.

The buyer must sign the delivery note, which the delivery service interprets as a confirmation of takeover when accepting delivery of the items. Upon delivery, the customer must inspect the shipment’s contents to ensure that it contains all accompanying parts listed in the manufacturer’s specification. If there are any flaws, kindly let us know immediately and no later than 72 hours after delivery.

Infomaas agrees to supply a replacement item as soon as possible in the case of a delay brought on by a force majeure occurrence (missing goods, damaged goods during delivery at the partner’s distribution center that the latter returned to Infomaas without delivering to the client, etc.).

Subsequent complaints are not acceptable!

Damages during transport

Even with meticulous wrapping, there is always a chance that goods can be damaged during transportation. Therefore, when picking up the shipment, we advise you to pay close attention to the following:

  • Check the container carefully, check if it has been damaged or opened before picking up the delivery.
  • Check if the adhesive tape used for sealing the package is damaged.
  • Immediately check the shipment’s contents. If you see any flaws, inform the delivery person immediately.

The report’s timing is essential in order to communicate the issue to the appropriate parties. We follow the application deadline and cannot file a claim for compensation if it is extended. Any irregularities that occur during transit should be reported via email to In addition to the description of the damage (problem), it is necessary to attach pictures of the disputed package (outer and inner packaging) to the specified e-mail address.

If package is damaged, you are free to ship the item back to us. The item will be carefully inspected after delivery, and any damage will be evaluated. You will be informed on the following steps after the assessment.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, its delivery, or any other aspect of your shopping experience, our customer support team is here to assist you. Please feel free to reach out to us via or via phone +385 98 674122.

At Infomaas, we strive to provide you with a smooth and reliable delivery process. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to serving you with top-notch service and timely delivery.

Thank you for choosing our shop for your online shopping needs.