Welcome to it shop, your one-stop destination for cutting-edge IT devices tailored to enhance your workplace efficiency. Discover a range of laptops, desktops, and accessories that combine performance, reliability, and innovation. Whether you’re upgrading your team’s hardware or outfitting a new workspace, our collection caters to diverse business needs.


Choose a standard or mobile based computer devices, and add the desired peripherals.

The computer solutions contain various devices, specifically designed to match your company requirements for computers, printers and other peripheral accessoires.

Printing and imaging

Enable digital transformation with advanced printing.

Access contracts, invoices, and forms with ease, all available at your fingertips. Minimize your environmental footprint through straightforward sharing options.

Point of sales

Equip point of sales with all that is needed in one place, without design compromise.

Allow your company to use professional devices and better services to improve performance, and customer experience. Your POS is just a click away.


From SMB to large enterprises.

Tailored network solutions crafted to address the fundamental requirements of a company’s network infrastructure. Our comprehensive offerings are designed to seamlessly meet the essential needs of businesses, providing robust and reliable connectivity to support the core functions of your organization.

Servers and storage

Servers with best reliability and superb performance.

Select specially engineered mission-critical servers for unparalleled reliability and uptime, coupled with outstanding performance tailored to handle the workloads of your enterprise

Facility equipment

Facility equipment for IT passive infrastructure.

Explore our indispensable facility equipment and accessories designed for passive IT network infrastructure. Our offerings consolidate, safeguard, and streamline the administration of multi-tenant office facilities or buildings, guaranteeing seamless operations and simplified maintenance.


Perfect screens to meet your needs.

From high resolutions and response time to color gamut and HDR capabilities, our Displays category meets most demanding customers who values precision and innovation. Elevate your viewing standards with us, as we redefine the boundaries of visual excellence in the digital age. Welcome to a realm where technical prowess meets your visual expectations.

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