Warranty conditions


The company Infomaas d.o.o. undertakes to deliver goods with complete documentation and associated packaging, i.e., complete as supplied by the distributor.

Both parties are aware that it is impossible to ensure that all of the hardware and software components mentioned in the pricing lists are 100% correct and mutually compatible, given the state of technology today.

When claiming a warranty from seller, the defective component must be included with any required accessories that came with the device, as well as any additional accessories purchased along with it (such as cables, an i/o shield, and other accessories), as well as a copy of the invoice verifying the purchase. A thorough description of the issue must also be provided to make it easier to verify the product itself.

Infomaas d.o.o. is obliged to submit the prescribed form if Infomaas d.o.o. causes equipment failures. The state will consist of a description of the defect, serial number, number, and type of model recorded by the manufacturer.

Unless otherwise mentioned in the pricing list for the designated group of items, replacement of parts before verifying the accuracy of the alleged flaws is not possible (e.g., in the case of a complaint, the item is replaced one-for-one within the warranty period). Complaints sent via parcel delivery must be carefully packaged in cardboard. Complaints that are inadequately packed or have obvious mechanical damage from the shipment, seller will not accept. They will be returned at the sender’s expense. The product can be returned or exchanged within 14 days if you are not satisfied with product. Returns are not accepted for items that cannot be handled as if you did not own them, including printers, monitors, computer software, desktop and laptop computers, tablet computers, mobile phones, and smart devices (mix of used items, non-returnable items in its original condition). The printer’s warranty expires when purchasing a printer and utilizing replacement inks rather than the manufacturer’s recommended original inks. Items received as a gift from Infomaas d.o.o. have no warranty.

The warranty does not cover damages and breakdowns caused by careless and improper handling. In case of illegal device repair or repair by an unauthorized third party, the customer loses the right to claim the warranty. The customer is advised to hand over the product to an authorized service center to resolve the warranty if the product has a warranty card from an authorized service center. Given that Infomaas d.o.o. forwarded only to authorized suppliers, this is a faster and more efficient warranty resolution option.

When the customer submits an incomplete warranty claim or registers a product not purchased at Infomaas d.o.o. as a warranty claim, the customer is billed for the hours used to execute the order according to the valid service price list. You can check our services price list from our support department by phone or by sending email to support@infomaas.com. Infomaas will charge for services on customer’s request for all products that have no warranty. The consumer also gets a new warranty with the latest product if the product is replaced.

The warranty does not affect the customer’s rights from liability for material defects and other customer rights based on legal regulations in the Republic of Croatia.

Each invoice is accompanied by Warranty form, which contains instructions on the warranty.

The warranty is not valid if the defect or damage is caused by:

  • By transport after delivery
  • Improper assembly and unprofessional handling
  • By not maintaining the device according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Inappropriate working environment
  • Faulty electrical installations, overvoltage or electric shock, force majeure (earthquake, flood, lightning strike)
  • Due to wear and tear of the article itself (visible damage from possible impacts, falls, etc.)
  • If the labels have been removed from the article (serial number, instructions for installation, use, etc.)
  • If Infomaas d.o.o. determines that the item has been used beyond its capabilities, i.e., that it has been OVERUSED
  • If changes were made to the product, i.e., replacement components were placed on the product and it changed its appearance
  • Illegal installation or assembly of the component
  • By using the USB HUB to connect the tablet computer without a separate power source (the above leads to the burning of the USB interface of the tablet)


Make sure there is an approved service center in your region if your equipment develops a problem. If so, we suggest you take the item there for servicing along with a warranty so the warranty problem can be fixed as quickly as feasible.

Infomaas d.o.o. Customer Support Department contact details

If you send the product by courier, please send it to the address:

Company name : Infomaas d.o.o.

Company address : Ul. Antuna Branka Šimića 17, 21000 Split, Croatia