Point of sale

Explore the world of POS solutions

From fixed PC registers that provide stability and reliability in a stationary location to mobile registers that offer flexibility for on-the-go businesses. Our POS peripheral devices offerings include user-friendly touchscreen interfaces, barcode scanners for quick and accurate item entry, receipt printers and many more.

So, if you’re looking to streamline your operations, enhance your customer experience, and standardize your selling points, explore our catalog of POS equipment today.

Mobile cash register

A mobile register, also known as a mobile point of sale (mPOS), is a portable and versatile device that has revolutionized the way businesses handle transactions. Designed to bring flexibility and convenience to sales operations, a mobile register is typically a compact and portable solution that provides various features and benefits, making it an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. Seamless Sales, Anytime, Anywhere!


The Ultimate point of sale solution for mobility and convenience.

Truly mobile point of sale, with tablet and bluetooth printer. Be flexible and invoice from anywhere. Provided with durable and low maintenance hardware while maintaining quality.

  • ✓ Tablet with Microsoft OS
  • ✓ Bluetooth receipt printer


Laptop based cash register.

Configure your POS with laptop device as a base and add desired peripheral devices using our configurator.

  • ✓ Laptop
  • ✓ Barcode scanner
  • ✓ Cache drawer
  • ✓ POS printer

Stationary cash register

A fixed PC register, also commonly referred to as a fixed point of sale (POS) terminal, is a stationary and dedicated computing device designed to handle transactions and streamline retail and service operations. Unlike its mobile counterpart, the fixed PC register is securely anchored to a specific location within a business, such as a retail store or restaurant.


Cost effective solution with POS peripherals, space effective, small business

This device combines the functionality of a traditional PC register with the touchscreen, and offers various connectivity options to POS peripherals.

  • ✓ Integrated PC with 12″-15″ touchscreen
  • ✓ Microsoft OS
  • ✓ Barcode scanner
  • ✓ Cache drawer
  • ✓ POS printer


Quality modular solution, heavy duty devices for retails.

Configure your POS with various devices using our configurator, ranging from Displays & PC, POS printers, Barcode readers, Cache Drawer, Money detector and many more.

  • ✓ Small form factor PC, Microsoft OS
  • ✓ Touchscreen display 17″ and higher
  • ✓ Barcode scanner
  • ✓ Cache drawer
  • ✓ POS printer
  • ✓ Heavy duty
  • ✓ Easy maintenance


  • ✓ Preinstalled Windows
  • ✓ Compatible with most POS software
  • ✓ Back-office usage on POS

Receipt printer

  • ✓ Serial, USB or Bluetooth
  • ✓ Thermal tape for fast and quiet printing
  • ✓ Low maintenance, lasts longer
  • ✓ Cache drawer compatible


  • ✓ Barcode & QR readers
  • ✓ Cash drawers
  • ✓ Banknote detectors