Facility equipment

Facility equipment for IT infrastructure

Discover our essential facility equipment and accessories for passive IT network infrastructure. Our products centralize, protect, and facilitate the management of multi-tenant office facilities or buildings, ensuring smooth operations and simplified maintenance.

Communication and servers enclosures

These specialized enclosures and accessories are designed to provide a secure, organized, and optimized environment for housing servers and network hardware, facilitating superior communication and data management capabilities. In this exploration, we have delved into the world of communication and server depth enclosures, uncovering the key elements and accessories that empower businesses to harness the power of their data centers and server rooms efficiently and effectively.

Communication enclosures with accessories

A compact wall-mounted cabinet designed to accommodate switch and access point fulfills all your basic needs. Our selection includes 4U-15U cabinets, complete with essential installation accessories, ensuring a straightforward setup.

  • ✓ Communication enclosure 4U-15U
  • ✓ PDU
  • ✓ Cable management
  • ✓ Accessories
  • ✓ Standard UPS

Server enclosures with accessories

Self-standing, server depth enclosures provide a space-efficient and secure environment for data center equipment, making them an essential component for efficient IT infrastructure management.

  • ✓ Server enclosures 48U
  • ✓ Multiple PDU
  • ✓ Multiple cable management
  • ✓ Ethernet and fiber panels
  • ✓ Rack Shelves
  • ✓ Rack UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply is beneficial for businesses because it acts as a safeguard against power disruptions. It provides a reliable source of backup power, ensuring that critical operations and sensitive electronic equipment remain functional during unexpected power outages or voltage fluctuations. This reliability helps prevent data loss, downtime, and potential damage to expensive equipment, ultimately saving businesses time and money while maintaining productivity and customer satisfaction.

Standard UPS

The standard UPS is user-friendly and offers protection, providing you with the time needed to save your work in the event of a power glitch. It’s an excellent choice for safeguarding computers and computer accessories.

  • ✓ Surge protection
  • ✓ Up to 600 VA
  • ✓ Space saving
  • ✓ Easy installation
  • ✓ Up to 4 battery connectors

Rack UPS

Ensure power continuity for mission critical devices. Ideal for IT infrastructure devices like servers, routers, switches, CCTV system and alarms.

  • ✓ Surge protection
  • ✓ Up to 5 kVA
  • ✓ Rack mount
  • ✓ Rails for easy installation
  • ✓ More that 4 battery connectors
  • ✓ Management
  • ✓ Load monitoring