Synology DiskStation DS224+


Compact data storage for edge deployments


  • Keep your data on-site

    Consolidate and safeguard

    Protect all your data with integrated security features and centralized access.

    Manage important data

    Share, back up, and access files, photos, surveillance video, and more.

    Minimize energy impact

    15 watts under full operation keeps operating costs low.

  • Simply faster

    DS224+ is faster at indexing files in Synology Drive and Synology Photos and more capable of running demanding web applications compared to previous-generation systems.

  • Store, share, and protect

    Manage all your documents, images, and other files, back up applications and devices, and protect your property with professional video surveillance.

  • Private cloud for data sharing

    Hybrid work in the private cloud

    Store, sync, access, and share data from any device, wherever you are. Work together seamlessly across different platforms, accessing files through mobile apps, desktop clients, or a browser-based interface. Quickly and easily roll back files in case of unwanted deletion or modification thanks to smart versioning.

    Keep your photos organized

    Effortlessly back up and organize photos, videos, and other visual assets using intuitive management tools. Automatically organize your content into albums and create secure share links for stakeholders and teammates.

    Synchronize data between sites

    Work together with minimal slowdown using site-to-site file syncing, which can be configured to automatically synchronize individual files or folders between Synology devices, allowing seamless file access from local devices.

    Manage data with the power of the cloud

    Reduce your on-site storage footprint and benefit from data center network speeds with hybrid cloud technology. Synology Hybrid Share adds automatic cloud tiering, keeping the bulk of data in the cloud, while caching frequently accessed files cached locally on your DS224+ for fast access at LAN speeds.

  • Multi-layered backup

    Back up workstations, smartphones, cloud apps, and more

    Consolidate and automate backup tasks for workstations, file servers, VMs, SaaS applications, and more with Active Backup Suite. Administer device backups remotely through a centralized portal and quickly restore specific files or entire devices to keep your business up and running. Take advantage of built-in remote backup solutions designed to protect your data with seamless

    Perform full Synology system backups

    Protect all data, applications, and configurations on your Synology systems with comprehensive scheduled backups to local and remote servers, external drives, or cloud storage destinations including

    Protect folders and LUNs with snapshots

    Configure efficient point-in-time snapshots of shared folders and LUNs at intervals as short as 5 minutes. Let users easily restore previous versions of files unassisted, quickly recover VMs, and copy snapshots to another server to benefit from rapid storage failover. Further safeguard data integrity with immutable snapshots.

  • Smart surveillance management

    Synology Surveillance Station

    Protecting your business has never been easier with centralized management and support for over 8,300 IP camera models, remote monitoring, and playback. Synology’s video management system provides all the tools you need for live monitoring, investigation, management, and backup.

    Dual recording to the cloud

    C2 Surveillance allows you to keep access to surveillance footage if your recording server is disabled by recording to your local server as well as the C2 cloud. End-to-end encryption protects streams against unauthorized access while low-latency recording lets you review the crucial last few seconds before the recording server was lost.





2 godine


CPU proizvođač:


CPU model:

Celeron J4125


Memorijski utori:


Instalirana memorija:

2GB DDR4 on-board

Ugrađen kapacitet memorije:



Vrsta pohrane:


Utor za interni pogon:

2x 2.5


Mrežni priključci:

2x 1Gbit RJ45